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Starting this year, the following discounts are offered for volunteers with the program. 

  • Head and Assistant Coaches: $25.00 discount
  • Program Level Coordinators: $50.00 discount

All discounts will be applied post registration. Registration must be paid in full prior to Skills Assessment dates noted above. Discount does not apply to those on scholarship. Discounts will be processed post team assignments. Please note that discounts are applied for all positions volunteered. Example:/If a coach also volunteers to be a program level coordinator, then the total discount would equal $75.00.  

Click here to learn more about our Volunteer Opportunities


**Our K-2 program and High School programs are still in planning phase

 3-4 End Oct 14th (8 weeks of game play – no games on 11/26/22, 12/24/22, 12/31/22)

  • End Registration:  Friday, October 14th
  • Skills Assessment:  Tuesday, October 18th
  • Team Assignments:  Thursday, October 20th
  • Practice Start: Monday, October 24th
  • Games Start: Saturday, November 5th
  • End of Season Tourney: Saturday, January 21th

5-6 End Oct 28th (8 weeks of game play – no games on 11/26/22, 12/24/22, 12/31/22)

  • End Registration: Friday, October 28th
  • Skills Assessment:  TBD - info via email soon to registered and paid players
  • Team Assignments: Thursday, November 3rd
  • Practice Start: Monday, November 7th
  • Games Start: Saturday, November 19th
  • End of Season Tourney: Saturday, February 4th

7-8 End of Nov (8 weeks of game play – no games on 12/24/22, 12/31/22)

  • End Registration: Friday, November 4th
  • Practice Start: Monday, November 14th
  • Games Start: Saturday, December 3rd
  • End of Season Tourney: TBD - Farmington



Practices will be scheduled in advance prior to season start. While we attempt to create practice schedules at the same time and place each week per team, sometimes this is not always possible so we cannot guarantee that every team will practice at the same time or location each week. 

We typically have gym space nightly between 6pm and 9pm except for Wednesdays.  We do not schedule practices any Wednesdays throughout the season. We typically reserve the earlier time slots for our younger teams. 

It is highly recommended that every family download the SportsSignUp Play App and log into the App with your credentials used during registration. Additionally, please make sure that you have your email notifications turned on for your players under their profiles within this registration site. 



Jerseys are provided for the season to all players and jerseys are returned at the end of season post tournament. Do not modify or alter the jerseys. If damages occur to the jersey during the season, please speak to your coach for a replaecment.