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Basketball Workouts and ResourcesBurnsville Girls Traveling Basketball


1. General Basketball Tips on defense (.docx) - This document is a subset of defense tips from the article below.  It contains the basic defensive fundamentals a player will want to be aware when playing defense.

The entire article can be found at:  http://www.basketballforcoaches.com/basketball-defense-tips/

2. How to Shoot a Basketball - 10 Step Guide - This article has a lot of information related to shooting fundamentals.  You can most likely stop after the 10th step, but a very good article related to shooting.

3. 23 Qualities of a Great Teammate - A good article related to being a good teammate.

4. Unorthodox tips to improve dribbling - Some different tips to help become a better dribbler.


Limited Space Dribbling Workouts - Some of these workouts can be done in a 6 X 6 space, others will need a little more room.