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Only had games at Eagle Ridge for 56th on 2/20 due to gym availibility.  Games started on time this week and ended on time.

Teams - please submit a spectators sheet every week.  The gyms are getting safer and we are seeing more attendees but the policies must still be enforced.

There will be change in the attendence policy at Eagle Ridge on 3/6 and 3/13.  The school's policy is a maximum of 20 spectators for both teams combined.  Therefore we will only allow for 1 spectator per player going forward.  The coaches and scorekeepers do not count against the 1 spectator per player.

3/13 will be our last weekend and all the games will be determined by your league winning percentages, head to head as the tie breaker.  The lowest seeds play each other and the winner moves on to play the next seed.  Below is the schedule by seed.  The schedule will not be set until after the games on 3/6.

34th games are all at Kenwood

Left Court - starting at 8:05 am

13 v 12

Winner v 11

Winner v 10

Winner v 9

Winner v 8

Winner v 7


Right Court - starting at 7:55 am

6 v 5

Winner v 4

Winner v 3

Winner v 2

Winner v 1

One more game if #1 loses


56th games at Eagle Ridge (only 7 teams in the tournament) - starting at 7:50 am

7 v 6

Winner vs 5

Winner vs 4

Winner vs 3

Winner vs 2

Winner vs 1