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Important Coach Information & Tournament Rules
Please check this page a few days before the tournament for any changes

2019 Pools/Brackets

We are using Tourney Machine this weekend for scheduling and score updates. As a coach, you can receive score updates and important news updates via text or e-mail by signing up for alerts at www.tourneymachine/R62363. You can also download the Tourney Machine app from the App Store and Google Play and search for the event.

The Team Roster form must be completed and submitted when signing in at the tournament. Please check in at least one hour in advance of the game start time. Birth certificates are also required to be available for inspection upon demand. The roster form is located under the team roster tab.

Please review the tournament rules document

We play by the MBL rules.

You can view the MBT rules at https://bz-mbl.s3.amazonaws.com/file-manager-uploads/2019_MBT_Qualifiers_RULEs.pdf

Any pool game resulting in a tie at the end of regulation or time limit will REMAIN a tie.

There will be NO EXTRA INNINGS in pool play. Teams will receive 2 points = win, 1 point = tie and 0 points = loss.

Ages 10-12, no new innings start after 1 hour 45 minutes.  Hard stop reverts back to last completed inning at 2 hours.

Ages 13-15, no new innings start after 2 hours. Hard stop reverts back to last completed inning at 2 hours 15 minutes.


Bracket Play


Ages 10- to 12-under:  6 innings / Game cannot end in a tie.

Ages 13- to 15-under:  7 innings / Game cannot end in a tie.

Pitch Count Restrictions: (MBL/MBT rules)


10U : 75 pitches per day/ 115 pitches per tournament

11U-12U : 85 pitches per day / 125 pitches per tournament

13U-15U : 95 pitches per day / 135 pitches per tournament


For Sunday bracket play:

Teams will be seeded based on tournament tiebreaker rules (MBT).

Please note - in regard to teams tied after pool play...

Due to limitations within Tourney Machine (getting the TIE BREAKER rules to match the MBT Tie Breaker rules isn't possible). The teams that advance to Sunday may NOT display correctly.

In these instances, we will apply the MBT Tie Breaker Rules and manually advance the correct teams.

We hope this avoids any confusion. Thanks for understanding!