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Unihockey - Provided by Bloomington Athletic Association


$15 per player.  free agents welcome or sign up a team.  3rd to 9th grade coed.

send to anyone who might be interested.  registration link


BAA Presents -- Jay Rasmussen Kid's 4v4 Lightning Floorball Tournament

Coed Grades 3rd-9th      Fee for this tournament is $15 per player   ONLINE SIGN UPS ONLY !!


Westwood Elementary gym. Friday April 26th.  Start time 7 pm.   


Register a complete team or sign up as a free agent to be placed on a team.  Friend requests will be honored when possible.  


Bring your own stick or use one of ours.  All players must wear BAA eye wear.  Per IFF and BAA rules, stick checking and body checking is prohibited as well as sticks playing above the waist level.  No person's body is allowed in Goalie crease except the Goalie.  Stick blades are allowed in the goalie crease.  Per IFF rules, shoulder to shoulder contact similar to soccer or basketball is allowed and is not considered checking.


Bring a water bottle with a secure screw on top.


This is a single elimination championship bracket.  In case of a game tie, the winner will be determined by a coin toss. The home team (Team 1) will call the toss.


IFF rules will apply except a team may substitute a stand up field player instead of a goalie and the stand up goalie may enter the goalie crease. The stand up goalie must stay standing at all times of play!!  If a team chooses to use a stand up goalie, BAA Goalie rules will apply to that player.  When a IFF goalie is throwing the ball, it must hit the floor before passing half way. A goal can't be scored from a thrown ball.  A BAA Goalie must throw the ball behind the net per BAA Goalie rules.


There is a +10 goal mercy provision.  Games are 2x10 minutes running time unless the ref calls a time out to consult the rule book or a team scores.  The clock will stop after a score so the ref and secretariat can update the scoresheet and game stat sheet and substitue players and institute a face off.