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Umpires - there are 2 online tests for you this season.  In 2015 we implemented a policy to have all BAC umpires complete the concussion training annually.  Here's the web address where you can find the CDC concussion training/testing:


Please note that we cannot assign you any games until we've received your 2018 certificate.  Upon completion, the testing site will allow you to print/save a completion certificate.  Please e-mail a copy of that certificate to me when it's finished.

Like last season, we are again doing online testing for our 2018 umpire test.  Note that ALL new and returning umpires are required to take the test – even if you’ve umpired BAC baseball for many years.

The questions are very similar to last year's exam.  Here's the web address for the umpire test:


Note that the test is set up to be active and available from Sunday, 8th Apr 2018 6:00pm through Saturday, 14th Apr 2018 11:55pm.  Please try to complete the test at your earliest convenience.  This way we can work on any retests that may be required for you to umpire at the highest level possible.

Note also that with this web host, we do have a limited number of tests available online for the price we paid.  If you are not considering being an umpire, please do not sign on and take the exam.  Please help us control costs where possible.  By all means, if you want to umpire, please take the test.

The test is divided into 4 sections - General, Squirts, Minors and Majors (also applies to Ponies and Seniors rules).  Umpires being considered for Squirts games must complete questions 1-60.  Umpires at the Minors level will complete questions 1-90 and Majors-level (including Ponies and Seniors) umpires will complete questions 1-120.

You'll need to obtain an 80% passing score on each section to pass.  Due to the way this web host does its grading of the test, we are unable to show pass/fail online.  The site will e-mail the results of your test to me and then I'll need to determine pass/fail by section.

Please let me know any questions, and good luck on your tests!

Rob Sink