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8U is a fun, very developmental league introducing the game of fastpitch in a modified format. It gives girls more at bats, and because there are no walks, it encourages the girls to learn to hit the ball. 8U Fastpitch is sanctioned the same as our 10U, 12U and 14/16U fastpitch leagues through MN Softball. For the most part, 8U games are played by the same rules as 10U fastpitch softball – striking out, 3 outs an inning, etc. However, there is no stealing, no leading off, and no walks. Coaches focus on the fundamentals of softball: throwing, catching, hitting, and base running. Players will hit off a machine set between 20-30 MPH. 8U players will participate in Individual Player Evaluations in March to determine skill level.

Age: 2014 or later Birth Year

Time Commitment: 2-3 days per week

Competative Level: Fun, developmental, moderate competative. Great introduction to the sport of fastptich

Pitching: Machine Pitch

Season Start: Late April

Season End: Early July  

Games: 1 league game/per week

Tournaments: 2 Tournaments & End of League Tourney

Cost: $100

Equiment: Batting helmet with strap, fielding glove, bat, bag, & fielding facemask

Volunteer Requirement: 4 hours at the Burnsville Fireball Tourney and 4 "other" club hours per family


This video shows a good representation of how the pitching machine works. 


Additional questions? Please email