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Coaches Corner

First, we want to thank you for volunteering your time and talents to our program. We hope that you find this experience rewarding and enjoyable! To register to coach, please follow the "Register Now" button on the front page.


Coaching Requirements

All coaches and assistant coaches are required to go through a background check and concussion training. Information will be provided to coaches once they have been selected to coach a team. A background check and concussion training are required to be on the bench during games. 


Burnsville Boys In House Basketball Rules

Burnsville Boys In House Basketball has made several rule adjustments for the 2019/2020 season. These changes were made to put our program in line with the MYAS state tournament rules,at the end of the season. Coaches, especially coaches who have coached for BAC in the past, should review these rules and changes. Please direct any questions to our commissioner. 

2019/2020 Rules

Code of Conduct


Burnsville Boys In House Basketball supports equal play for all players, this equal play must be recorded at all games. The equal play score sheet is available below. 

Equal Play Score Sheet


Senior Roster Builder -- LINK