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Mission Statement

Burnsville Traveling Slowpitch goals are for each athlete to enjoy the sport through an environment which promotes fun, fosters improved skills and develops winning attitudes enabling our youth to continue to be one of the recognized leaders of the girls slowpitch players in the State of Minnesota.


Traveling Commitment

Those players and parents interested in the Slowpitch Traveling program must recognize the responsibility and commitment that accompanies being selected to play traveling.  We understand that family obligations, school functions and other activities that the girls participate in can make attendance to all scheduled softball events difficult, however it is understood that the committed players will make every attempt to participate and be on time to practices and games.  Poor attendance makes preparation for games and practices very difficult for the coaches and moreover the team ultimately suffers for a lack of regular attendance.  

If a player does not attend practices and/or games without sufficiently notifying their coach, or is excessively absent or has an unexcused absence for practices, games and tournaments, this action may impact future placement of the player on a team.



Volunteers are vital to any well-run program to ensure a successful and enjoyable season for all participants and families.  For our program to continue to be successful, new volunteers are needed each year.  Parents are required to volunteer during fundraising if needed and at positions such as food concessions, t-shirts sales or field maintenance at the Burnsville Midwest Tournament.  The tournament coordinator will work with team coordinators to make sure EACH parent is signed up to help in some function.



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