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​Tyler Krebs (Burnsville HS Head Football Coach):  Dr. Meadors is known as one of the world's experts in Long Term Athletic Development.  We are so fortunate to have him at Burnsville to work with BAC and BHS student-athletes.  I have worked side-by-side with Dr. Meadors over the past 6 years in our strength and speed program and am constantly amazed at his knowledge, attention to detail and energy.  My three children have all been involved in his programs and have grown tremendously as student-athletes.
​Jordan LaMotte (BHS Football Coach, BAC Football Coach):​  One example that sticks out vividly in my mind is my daughter Sidney who started playing Fastpitch Softball at a fairly young age.  Her mother and I spent a lot of time on the fundamentals of fielding the ball and swinging a bat, but it wasn't until we saw her run the bases that we knew she was in need of some athletic movement training. 
Sidney spent 1 summer in the program with Dr. Meadors and in that one summer program he taught her the proper running form which increased her speed on the base path and in the field.  In addition, her confidence as a player increased because she could feel the difference and the improvement that she was working toward.  Not only did we notice the improvements as a family, but other families from the next season would make it a point to stop Kelly and I to ask what we did to help Sidney as the results were that obvious.  We smiled and told them about the summer program and highly recommended they join.
Dr. Meadors' love for movement and young athletes is an amazing asset for this community and anything we can do to further his effort and program is an absolute must.
​Bill John (BHS Football Coach, BAC Board Officer & Coach):​   I have worked with Coaches Sahli and Meadors, along with the BAC, for the past six years to further the LTAD program in our youth.
The coaches have developed a movement and strength program from K-12, a first in the country. We have a special opportunity to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise in developing young athletes.
As coaches in the youth program, we spend the most amount of time at the earliest points in time with our athletes. We have a responsibility to teach them the correct basics of movement at the youngest age, so that they can develop to their best potential.
As coaches, we spend a great deal of time on sport specific skills. If we can spend a fraction of the time we spend on those skills on movement and strength, our athletes will be better equipped to perform the sport specific skills we are trying to teach them.
I would strongly recommend this program to all of our coaches at all levels. Both coaches not only are experts on an international level, they care about our community and our kids. Their positive communication with the kids is exceptional to watch.
​Wayne Vongkham (BAC Multiple Sports Coach & Parent):   I  coach Lacrosse also and that's where Dr. Meadors LTAD is proof that it works.  I started coaching Lacrosse 3 years ago and when I saw how the boys moved,  I started LTAD with them for 10 minutes 3 times a week after warm ups.  It was trying for the boys and me at first but by the end of the season their movements drastically improved. Lacrosse is a running sport and speed and agility is essential to offensive and defensive plays. The past 3 years, I've seen improvements by from both sides of the field.  
All it takes is 10 minutes at practice to work with the kids.  We want or programs to improve from the youth and all the way to the high school and I believe every coach should take the time to attend the class and implement it at practice.
I speak from a personal standpoint with my 2 sons.  They're big boys but they are quick with their feet because of this.