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BAC In-House Baseball is the Kindergarten through 12th Grade instructional baseball league that follows a "Spirit of the Game" philosophy and is available to all children living within Burnsville-Eagan-Savage city limits.


Registration fees for 2022 will remain the same as last year. The registrations costs and levels for this season will be:


T-Ball (Pre-K): $50

Mites (K-1):  $115

Squirts (Grade 2-3):  $160

Minors (Grade 4-5):  $175

Majors (Grade 6-7):  $190

Ponies (Grade 8-9):  $195

Seniors (Grade 10-12):  $195



Player Scholarships

With the elimination of the fundraiser, we also needed to make some changes to our scholarship program.  You are eligible for a scholarship if your child is on free or reduced lunch at their school.  This year, the family contribution if you are on scholarship will be a flat fee of $30 for all age levels.  To participate, either come to in-person registration on February 8th, or check the “Apply for Scholarship” box in the on-line registration.  You will need to provide a copy of your Free and Reduced Lunch letter to verify eligibility. 


Our goal is to get kids playing baseball.  We sincerely feel that all kids who want to play baseball should have the opportunity to play.  BAC is committed to financial need not being a hindrance to playing.  Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about your eligibility for scholarship funds, or would like to discuss any special needs or arrangements for the registration payment.



Game Nights

A frequent question that we receive as families look toward their summer schedule is, “What nights will my child be playing?”  Below are the game nights for each level.  Of course, practice schedules and rainout reschedules are at the discretion of your child’s coach, but this should hopefully get you started.


T-Ball (Pre-K): Monday & Wednesday

Mites (K -1):  Monday & Wednesday

Squirts (Grade 2-3):  Tuesday & Thursday

Minors (Grade 4-5):  Sunday & Wednesday

Majors (Grade 6-7):  Monday & Friday

Ponies (Grade 8-9):  Tuesday & Thursday

Seniors (Grade 10-12):  Sunday & Wednesday



School Registration Selection


Please select the school that your player currently attends.  If you are not sure or if your player is in T-Ball, please select this link. https://app.guidek12.com/burnsvillemn/school_search/2020-21/


Please note:

  • Due to the declining numbers of players across the league, it is likely that some school areas will be combined to form teams.  
  • Late registrations and traveling cuts will be placed based on team roster size.  If you register after the on-time deadline, you are not guaranteed to be placed on your neighborhood team, so please be sure to register on time.Team formations this year will be based on CURRENT school attending.  




If you have any other questions along the way, please contact us at .  We will do our best to reply to your message within a couple of days.



Thank you for your interest in BAC In-House Baseball.  As always, please contact us with any questions that you might have.  This is a wonderful program that provides fantastic experiences and memories for our players and their families.  If you happened to have seen the ad that we ran in the local papers in the last several weeks, you’ll have noticed our continued focus is what this league and the game of baseball is intended for:



For Friends. For Fun. For the Love of the Game.